Personal Training

Let our experts conduct a training program for you that will best suit your needs and goals.

  Don’t keep putting your health or goals aside and let our staff guide you into an exciting new phase of your life. Take a step towards a positive and healthy lifestyle and book your assessment with one of our highly skilled trainers.



A fitness assessment is essential in measuring your current fitness levels, identifying your training needs, selecting your training regime, evaluating the success of the program in achieving its objectives, and in motivating you. During our one-on-one fitness assessment, you will get a consultation with one of our highly qualified staff.  In your 1.5hrs appointment, our trainer will take you through a series of health screening, physical fitness tests and will advise you on what Level 10 Fitness options and services will suit you the best.




The Body Composition Analyzer is a platform-based electrode system with hand grips that provides weight and a complete body composition analysis in less than 30 seconds. Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis is considered one of the most reliable and accessible methods of screening body fat.

By getting your analysis done, you will find out what’s going on inside of your body by categorizing weight into muscle mass, water, and body fat. A separate body mass reading for the right and left arm, trunk, and right and left leg will be measured and a complete body composition profile (including weight, body fat percentage, body fat mass, body mass index, fat free mass, estimated muscle mass, total body water, and basal metabolic rate) will be printed out in seconds.

Our Body Composition Analyzer will provide you with detailed results (body weight & body composition) and ensures accurate reporting each time you use it. Our highly qualified staff will assist with the interpretation of the results as well as provide you with tips and a training program to improve your results. Our Body Composition Analyzer is a great tool with which you can keep track of your progress and stay motivated.




Here at Level 10 our clients are professionally guided through effective and safe exercise programs that maximize health and well-being in a positive, balanced and comfortable environment. The training philosophy developed and followed at Level 10 combines the science of exercise with attention to the mind, body, and soul of the individual. We are constantly improving our knowledge and skills to assist our clients with the best tools available while they’re pursuing their health and fitness potentials.

Our training programs are created to meet our clients’ specific needs and goals keeping in mind their lifestyle and interests. Whether you’re looking for body sculpting, weight management, muscle building, active rehabilitation, sport specific training, stress management or any other scope of health and fitness, we can assist you.

Level 10 is known for having the finest trained personal trainers in the field and with innovative equipment available at our facility, we will maximize your results no matter what your goals are!


Please note that all physio, massage and private training appointments must be cancelled a minimum of 24 hours prior to the appointment to avoid late cancellation fees.

All fitness and yoga classes, including Unlimited Fitness Pass holders, must be cancelled a minimum of 6 hours prior of the class to avoid late cancellation fees.