Level 10 offers a variety of options for any athlete of any level


Level 10 provides one-on-one training for athletes in every sport and every level. With one-on-one contact, our highly qualified trainers are able to maximally individualize each session. This setting can provides many advantages that make this type of session very effective. A consultation with our sport performance specialist will determine what type of session is the most appropriate.



Many sports share common athletic attributes. Speed is speed, jumping ability is jumping ability, agility is agility and fitness is fitness regardless of the sport. The techniques used to train these attributes are similar. Mixed Athletics offers general athletic training that transfers to any sport. Each session progresses through speed, agility, strength and power movements, core stability, balance, and energy system development. Sessions are offered to youth ages 11 - 16 years old.






Many sports are limited by their access to practice facilities. Bring the entire team down to Level 10 for additional opportunities to develop athleticism and foster team building. Our team strength and conditioning sessions will improve your team’s chemistry, develop work ethic, teach valuable life lessons and take your team’s game to a whole new level. Level 10 has serviced teams from hockey, football, basketball, soccer, softball, volleyball, rugby, cheerleading, swimming, baton, badminton, judo, synchronized swimming, gymnastics, and more


Summer Football Program


Dates: August 1 - August 22, 2018


Where: All sessions will be at our Performance Compound located at 1425 McAra Street


When: Mon/Wed/Fri at 9:30-11:00 am 


Monthly investment: $179.00 plus gst/month.


Book now as spots are filling up quickly! Book online or call 306-337-0010.





This sport performance training option provides an opportunity for athletes and teams to access the expertise of Level 10’s specialists without accessing our facility. Some athletes and teams face challenges that prevent them from being able to attend programs hosted at our facility. Remote training allows us to accommodate all budgets, time commitments and those with long commute. Our sport performance specialists can develop a program and provide orientation to that program with the athlete or team executing the program independently at a remote location. Level 10’s specialists are available for consultation and support throughout these programs.


Spring & Summer Training Packages

Lightning Run

Running fast doesn't come easy unless you run like LIGHTNING. Our summer program and coaching will make you faster this summer.

Tuesdays and Thursdays
5:30am -7 am
at the Douglas Park track 
May 1st-Sept 9th (QCM)


$245 + tax for 2 days per week
$165 + tax for 1 day per week 

Lightning Open Water Swim Series
Open water swim skills need practice. These sessions will have you feeling comfortable confident and prepared to apply your pool skills to open water events.  

Sunday May 13th 7-8 am Lawson
Sunday May  20th 7-8 am Lawson
Saturday May 26th TBD Lawson
Sunday June 3rd 9-10 am Regina Beach 
Sunday June 10th 9-10 am Regina Beach
Sunday June 16th 9-10 am Regina Beach
Sunday July 1st 9-10 Regina Beach 
Sunday Aug 12th 9-10 Regina Beach 


$64 + tax 

Lightning Saturday Brick Sessions 
These workouts are designed to increase your bike speed, your run speed and your transitions on and off the bike. You will never be more ready to race Sprint and Olympic distance races than you will be after these workouts! Classes will lead you right up to the Echo Lake Triathlon. 

Most Saturdays from 8-10 am
May 12th Triathlon Sask Draft Legal Clinic 8-10 am at Connexus Arts Centre, 12-2 pm at South Service Road
May 19th 8-10 am south Service Road ,
May 26th 8-10 am Lumsden School
June 3rd 8-10 am Connexus Arts Centre 
June 10th 8-10 am South Service Road
June 16th 10-12 am Lumsden school 
June 30th 8-10 am South Service Road 
July 7th 8-10 am Lumsden 

$99 + tax 
Includes a 4 hour Draft Legal clinic with Triathlon Saskatchewan and Sask Cycling. 

Full Triathlon Package 
Full Run Package 
Saturday Brick Package 
Sunday Open Water Swim Package 

Spots are limited. 
Please e-mail or call us at 306-337-0010 to register. 
Must have a STAC membership for the Open water and Brick series. 



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Please note that all physio, massage and private training appointments must be cancelled a minimum of 24 hours prior to the appointment to avoid late cancellation fees.

All fitness and yoga classes, including Unlimited Fitness Pass holders, must be cancelled a minimum of 6 hours prior of the class to avoid late cancellation fees.