Education & Credentials
Bachelor of Kinesiology - Human Kinetics and Adaptive Movement Science - University of Regina
Certified Exercise Physiologist (CSEP)
NCCP competition coaching certification
NCCP First Nations coaching certification
Mental health Training Certificate
Special Interests
Orthopaedic injuries, youth, CrossFit athletes, soccer, general fitness
About Addison
Addison brings with her a zest for life and a passion for helping people find their inner motivation. After obtaining her undergraduate degree in kinesiology at the University of Regina in 2016, she completed her certification as a certified exercise physiologist. Addison has been working as a personal trainer and coach since 2014 with a wide range of clients such was children, athletes, and individuals with orthopaedic injuries. Along with training clients, she also takes the time to counsel and work with at risk youth. Her athletic pursuits have been lifelong in all things outdoors but currently she commits her spare time to playing on several sports teams including soccer, team handball and flag football. Currently, Addison is working towards attaining her Level 1 CrossFit certification for coaching and looks forward to working with different types of athletes & clients. Her philosophy around training is to work hard enough, enjoy it enough, and keep coming back for more... while always smiling.

Addison instructs the following:
  • Gains
  • Take your lifting to the next level with low reps and high weights.

  • Inferno
  • INFERNO is a metabolic conditioning class designed to kick your butt. This combination of intensive muscular training coupled with intensive aerobic training will ramp up your body's musculature and cardiovascular system to the limit. You will not only be burning calories during the session but also your metabolism will be burning more calories after your workout is done. Higher metabolism for a longer period of time = increased fat burning power!!

  • The Lift
  • Grab some weights and get ready to lift! This full body resistance workout will tackle all of your major muscle groups. Improve your shape, posture and pillar strength by challenging balance and control using compound lifts. Squat, pull and press your way to a stronger, leaner and more toned you!

  • FUNdamentals
  • Provide your child with the opportunity to run, jump, throw and climb in a positive environment. Building physical literacy and proper movement patterns is the foundation of an active lifestyle and sport skills.
    Ages 5-7

  • Junior Athletics
  • This program will expose children to the basics of training and teach the fun of exercise.  Kids will be taught fundamental movement skills which can be implemented in a variety of sports.  They will learn while doing fun drills, learning basic strength training, building an aerobic base, balance, coordination and body awareness as well as while co-operating with others.  The goal is to have fun while becoming better young athletes.
    Ages 8-12

  • Sweat Shop
  • Power up the hills, blast through the versa sprints, take it out on boxing bags and experience what endurance is all about. This workout has it all! It’s a guaranteed breathless venture that will leave you drenched in sweat. Going NONSTOP so don’t forget your water bottle.

  • Chiselled Class
  • * New as of January 2015 - all chiselled punch cards will expire at the end of each 10 week program.  Previous Chiselled punch cards do not apply. *
    Chiselled is a 10 week program focused on changing your body shape and increasing your muscle definition. Each Chiselled work out is focused on high repetition, low resistance training, combined with light plyometric and cardiovascular exercises. The Chiselled program will increase your lean muscle mass, burn fat, and accelerate your metabolism.

    The Science.......How can the Chiselled program change my body shape?

    The key focus of the Chiselled program is accelerating your metabolism (metabolic rate) by increasing your lean muscle mass which will help you burn fat, increase your muscle definition and re-shape your body.

    The high repetition, low weight resistance training will ensure optimal muscle fiber recruitment, muscle fatigue and tissue breakdown necessary for developing lean muscle.

    Choose your “Chiselled” program package...

    PUMPED Package:
    2 Chiselled training sessions per week, and a
    10 class punch card (for use of any of our fitness classes excluding Yoga and expiring at the end of the 10 week program)

    RIPPED Package:
    2 Chiselled training sessions per week, and a
    20 class punch card (for use of any of our fitness classes excluding Yoga and expiring at the end of the 10 week program.)

    Chiselled Punch cards cannot be used for yoga classes and expire at the end of the 10 week program.

  • Kettlebell
  • Kettlebells are an effective training tool maximizing results in workouts. Challenge your core strength, flexibility, balance and stability, coordination, cardio, and muscular endurance with the newest dynamic exercises at all skill and fitness levels. Be ready to work!!

  • Ride
  • Tuesday:
    Lead by Brendan Mackenzie who is a certified cycling and triathlon coach. With great energy and music that everyone loves to work hard to this spin is a can't miss! Not only will you work hard, sweat and have fun, but you will also see your fitness improve with each class.
    In the spring and summer months Brendan offers those who want to get outside and run the chance to do so during the workout. Don't worry if you just come for the spin. Brendan splits the class in two groups you get what you came for!
    The Spin and run session is approx 45-50 min
    The stretch portion is approx 10-15 min