A Substitute Trainer

A Substitute Trainer instructs the following:
  • Sweat Shop
  • Power up the hills, blast through the versa sprints, take it out on boxing bags and experience what endurance is all about. This workout has it all! It’s a guaranteed breathless venture that will leave you drenched in sweat. Going NONSTOP so don’t forget your water bottle.

  • Kettlebell
  • Kettlebells are an effective training tool maximizing results in workouts. Challenge your core strength, flexibility, balance and stability, coordination, cardio, and muscular endurance with the newest dynamic exercises at all skill and fitness levels. Be ready to work!!

  • Vinyasa Yoga (10 Punch or Drop-in only)
  • Come and flow through a series of breath synchronized postures that work toward improving balance, strength and flexibility. This is an energetic style of yoga that emphasizes core strengthening postures through a dynamic sequence of poses. Focus is placed on breathing, aligning the body properly to avoid injury and cultivating overall physical and mental awareness.
    All Levels Welcome!
    Monthly Unlimited and Chiselled Punch cards cannot be used for yoga classes.

  • Inferno
  • INFERNO is a metabolic conditioning class designed to kick your butt. This combination of intensive muscular training coupled with intensive aerobic training will ramp up your body's musculature and cardiovascular system to the limit. You will not only be burning calories during the session but also your metabolism will be burning more calories after your workout is done. Higher metabolism for a longer period of time = increased fat burning power!!