Lunch Flow Yoga (10 Punch Or Drop-In Only)

This class is taught by:

Matt Yausie

About Matt & Power Vinyasa Yoga
The power vinyasa style of yoga Matt teaches builds flexibility and physical strength, but more importantly it taps into the internal power of each student. The yoga mat offers a unique opportunity to move from distraction into direction, an opportunity to transform through mindful effort and steady practice. Being conscious of one’s breath and body can cultivate an awareness of who we really are and all that we are capable of. By leaving self-defeating thoughts and imagines behind us we can self improve and progress to an empowered, uplifted state of being. By paying inward attention we can create a powerful, authentic shift, releasing our energy and all that is good within us.

Whether Matt is teaching yoga to youth in the studio, or working with elite level athletes and sport teams, he wants to help students grow to new levels and achieve a balance of peace, power, and confidence.


Maja Kralovcova

Education & Credentials
Bachelor of Kinesiology, Fitness & Lifestyle – University of Regina
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, NSCA
Consultant for Sports Medicine and Science Council of Saskatchewan
Agatsu Kettlebell Certified, Level 1
Exercise Nutrition Certified, Level 1, Precision Nutrition
YogaFit Certified, Level 1
Restorative Yoga Certified, Yoga Alliance
Yin Yoga Certified,Yoga Alliance
Basketball Coach, Competitive Level, NCCP
Special Interests
Sport Performance Strength and Conditioning – any sport
Player On and Off-Court Development
Knee & Hip Rehabilitation – Pre- and Post- Surgery
Individual and Group Strength Training
Functional Movement Screen & Fitness Assessment
Spin and Fitness Class Instructing
Children Fitness Programs Obstacle Race Training
About Maja
Maja has been a fitness enthusiast her whole life. She has been an exercise specialist with Level 10 for over 6 years and her passion for fitness keeps on growing. Maja has had an opportunity to work with large spectrum of people. She loves doing birthday and rock-climbing parties for young children, training athletes of any sport, level and age, assisting clients to lose weight, leading men’s groups, teaching spin and fitness classes or putting together challenging workouts for general population who simply want to get fitter. Given Maja played CIS basketball, has coached junior and senior high school players and has trained many basketball teams and players at Level 10, her expertise lies in developing basketball players on and off the court. Maja enjoys competing in tennis, triathlons and various running events. Her newest love is teaching yoga. She is excited to share her yoga practice and experience with clients at Level 10.
Set the tone for the rest of your day ahead with this great energizing practice! Get your blood flowing and unleash your inner energy. Stretch and strengthen your muscles with a focus on breath and body alignment. Energize your body and mind and get yourself ready to tackle whatever the rest of the week brings. 
Monthly Unlimited & Chiselled Punch cards cannot be used for yoga classes.