Spin Fusion

This class is taught by:

Brendan Mackenzie

Education & Credentials
Bachelor of Kinesiology (BKIN)
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
Triathlon Community Coach
Ready to Race Cycling Coach

Special Interests
Running Form and Speed Training
Running Gait Analysis
Swim Stroke Improvement
Personalized Running Coaching
Personalized Triathlon/ Multisport Coaching
Strength Training for Running, Triathlon and Endurance Events
Individual and Group Strength Training for all your athletic and fitness goals
Health and Fitness Consultation and Accountability Sessions
About Brendan
Brendan is one of our senior staff members and has been with Level 10 for 10 years. Although, he has competed at a high level in many sports and is highly effective in training any athlete or any individual his expertise is in training endurance athletes. Currently he coaches Running and Triathlon both with the Level 10 Lightning Team as well as the Regina Multisport Club Youth Team. If you are a runner or triathlete or if you want to find out how to become one then he is someone you need to see.

Alissa Herman

Education & Credentials
Bachelor of Kinesiology, Fitness and Lifestyle – University of Regina
Certified Exercise Physiologist, CSEP
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, NSCA
Consultant for the Sport Medicine and Science Council of Saskatchewan
Special Interests
Cheerleading Gymnastics
Children’s fitness programs Young athletes
Weight management
General health and fitness
About Alissa
Alissa is a very energetic and organized individual who enjoys being involved in many different activities. Her athletic background includes playing softball and competitive cheerleading. She was a member of the University of Regina Cheerleading team from 2003 to 2007 and helped the team to take home several first and second place trophies. In 2007, Alissa became a part of the Saskatchewan Roughrider Cheerleading Team and now performs in front of the sold-out crowds at Mosaic Stadium. Alissa also has over 10 years of coaching experience with a number of high school cheer teams. Due to her extensive cheerleading experience, Alissa enjoys training other cheerleaders, dancers and gymnasts. Alissa’s vibrant and friendly personality has allowed her to work with many diverse populations of people including seasoned athletes and individuals who are becoming physically active for the first time. Alissa has found Level 10 to have a very welcoming atmosphere and loves motivating and challenging all her clientele to reach their personal goals. Alissa exemplifies the intensity and the commitment that Level 10 trainers have come to be known by.

Cassandra Serbu

Education & Credentials
Bachelor of Kinesiology- Human Kinetics- University of Regina
Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (NSCA)
Special Interests
Athletes and athletic training, general fitness, spin and therapies such as Athletic Therapy and Physiotherapy.
About Cassandra
Cassandra is the type of person that will never go unheard or unnoticed. She loves working with and meeting all kinds of people and enjoys motivating them with her exciting and enthusiastic personality. She completed her undergraduate degree in kinesiology at the University of Regina and is excited to put her knowledge to work. She competed on the U of R Track & Field for her first two years of university and has a strong interest and passion towards rehabilitation because of her own experiences with injury rehabilitation programs. Her experiences include working alongside the strength & conditioning specialist for the U of R Rams Football Team as well as helped to administer workout programs for other athletes at the university. She has also worked with the Athletic Therapists at the university as a student trainer for the U of R Track & Field Team and continues to work with them to promote the care and prevention of injuries. Cassandra is working towards attaining her Strength & Conditioning Certification and is eager to continue her education with her new team. Her philosophy for training is to first do it right, and the rest will follow. As well as being thankful for the incredible things our bodies can do.
Enjoy this spin and strength class that will pump up your cardio game and tone your entire body.

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